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Being proactive versus reactive...

Customer Satisfaction

We guarantee the utmost quality patient and family care. Guided Life Care Planning Services goes one step further, providing and servicing clients 5 days a week. With direct access to the decision makers, Guided Life Care Planning Services ensures quality customer care and reliable service for all.

GLCPS is a family atmosphere and we operate under the principle of due C.A.R.E for both staff and customers alike which emphasize the core values of Guided Life Care Planning Services as an organization.

C.A.R.E. – Compassion, Attitude, Responsibility, Excellence

As a by product of upholding the principles of due C.A.R.E. it also provides an evaluation mechanism for GLCPS through patient and client feedback, helping to ensure our quality service standards remain at the highest level in each and every client interaction. We welcome client feedback regularly and often. Please click here to give us your evaluation feedback on your patient experience with Guided Life Care Planning Services.

  • Compassion – A virtue, the emotional capacities of empathy and sympathy for the suffering of others. Compassion is regarded as a cornerstone of social interconnection
  • Attitude – Demonstrating a professional, positive and enthusiastic approach during all daily interactions
  • Responsibility – Ownership of actions; being accountable to GLCPS, patients, clients and employees
  • Excellence – Going above and beyond consistently; living the GLCPS mission of providing the utmost in prompt, quality service and care with dignity and respect